22 MAY -  9:00-15:30  - CONGRESS DAY 1:  LOOKING TO THE PAST

23 MAY -  9:00-15:30  - CONGRESS DAY 2 : LOOKING TO THE FUTURE;                                                ASSITEJ AUCTION

24 MAY -  9:00-18:00 - CONGRESS DAY 3 :  ASSITEJ ENCOUNTERS: ONE                                            STEP BEYOND: INTERCULTURAL EXCHANGE; OPEN                                          SPACE DISCUSSION OF WORKING PLAN 

25 MAY -  9:00-13:00 - CONGRESS DAY 4:  MOVING INTO THE FUTURE;                                              AND AFRICA DAY CELEBRATIONS


ASSITEJ, the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People, (French: Association Internationale du Théâtre de l’Enfance et la Jeunesse)

ASSITEJ is a global association of theatre for young audience with membership across 5 continents. Members include national centres, networks and individual members. 

ASSITEJ unites professionals making theatre for young audiences, creates a space for an international exchange of ideas and practice. ASSITEJ advocates for the rights of children to experience theatre and art which is especially made for them.

The World Congress is the formal meeting of all ASSITEJ members taking place every three years. Here the business of the organization is reported upon, constitutional changes are made, strategies are suggested and approved for the next three year period, and the leadership of the association is elected by its membership.

The General Assembly meets for 4 days within a larger event which includes a Performing Arts Festival that gives a snapshot of TYA in the world at the time and a programme of conferences, symposiums and workshops. Decisions are also made about the ASSITEJ Artistic Gatherings for the next 4 year period and Awards are given to those who are considered exceptional within their respective fields.

The 19th ASSITEJ World Congress will be translated into French and Portuguese. All members of ASSITEJ, whether National Centres, Networks or Individual Members are encouraged to participate in the General Assembly, although only National Centres and Networks have voting rights.

19th ASSITEJ World Congress
22 - 25 May


For more information, go to www.assitej-international.org