In just over 10 years, ASSTEJ SA has significantly raised the profile of the arts for young audiences in South Africa. They were responsible for hosting the ASSITEJ World Congress in Africa for the first time in 2017 and this landmark event was widely seen as a turning point for the recognition of theatre for young audiences both nationally and on the continent. It also proved that culture is a crucible for tourism and the economic opportunities it offers. ASSITEJ SA is now the undisputed industry leader in terms of theatre for young audiences and arts education.  Their advocacy for the rights of every child to access the arts has been a rallying call to the industry and this has been recognised through an Executive Directors Award from the Naledi Theatre Awards as well as a host of BASA awards for the various arts education and development projects that they have successfully implemented over the years.” - Michelle Constant, former CEO, Business Arts South Africa


ASSITEJ South Africa will host Cradle of Creativity in Cape Town, South Africa from 20-25 August 2019.  As Africa is the cradle of humankind, so this international festival for children and young people will be a "cradle of creativity" for artists from across the country, the continent and the world.

Cradle of Creativity will support a programme of activities, building inter-continental and intercultural collaborations to ensure that the field of theatre for young audiences as a whole grows in diversity, creativity and audience appeal across the continent.

Given that approximately 43% of the population on the African continent are under the age of 15, the future of theatre in Africa IS theatre for young audiences.

Read the press release here.

What's happening?

• At least 20 live theatre, dance and music productions selected from all over the world, with at least half from South Africa and Africa. These captivating productions are specifically aimed at children and youth from 0 – 19 years old.

• Residency program for young theatre professionals, generating intercultural collaborations, in dance for young audiences and in child participation models

• Conference: “Theatre for Young Audiences in Africa and the world”.

• 30+ Diverse workshops, presentations & discussions. 

What's the impact?

• Promotion of theatre for young audiences on the African continent.

• Increase in touring opportunities for SA and international artists & productions.

• Stimulation of an ongoing, dynamic relationship between teachers and theatre makers, with educational materials linked to curricula.

• Development of an enabling environment for youth organisations & youth development, particularly in the most disadvantaged communities.

• Strengthening of local & international partnerships for continued collaboration.

Who's attending?

• 5000+ Children & young people experiencing the performances.

• 3000+ Family members, teachers & theatre practitioners.

• 100 Delegates including artists, producers, researchers, industry leaders from South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world

Rockin’ Mbokodo  MAGNET THEATRE

Rockin’ Mbokodo MAGNET THEATRE