16-17 May: ITYARN Programme




DAY ONE – 16 May 2017

8h00        Registration at City Hall help desk                                                   

9h00       Session 1        (Grand Hall)

                Welcome by Manon van de Water (ITYARN Board)

Keynote Address -  Dr. Ekua Ekumah: Multidisciplinary theatre: fostering intercultural tolerance and educational reforms in Ghana and beyond                                

10h00     Session 2       

Group 2A : Exiles, Refugees & Migrants – Facilitated by Dr Veronica Baxter, with Prof. Dr. Geesche Watermann, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sting, Ms. Lene Thiesen & Mr. Jon Kraaboel (Grand Hall)

Group 2B: Intercultural Exchange/Diversity – Facilitated by Dr Cheela Chilala, with Prof. Karen Libman, Dr. Julius Heinicke, and Mr. Stef De Paepe (Seminar 1)           

Group 2C: Transformation & Citizenship – Facilitated by Ms Terri Elliot, with Ms. Claire Mason, Ms. Aracelia Guerrero, and Prof. Merete Elnan (Seminar 2)

11h15          T E A

11h45      Session 3

Group 3A: Democracy/Citizenship – Facilitated by Mr Warren Nebe with Ms Jenny Koppera, Dr. Kristin Hunt, Sandra Grehn, Prof. Stephani Etheridge Woodson, and Dr. Mary McAvoy (Grand Hall)

 Group 3B: Gender – Facilitated by Ms Yvette Hardie, with Prof. Mary Schuttler, Ms. Eilidh Macaskill, Ms Annie Sansonetti and Ms Eva Vancso (for Mr. Janos Novak) (Seminar 1)

Group 3CHealing – Facilitated by Dr. Manon van de Water, with Mr. Marco Alfino Miranda, Mr. Majid Kimiaeipoor, Ms. Robyn Sassen,  and Ms. Ongezwa Mbele (Seminar 2)

13h15        L U N C H

from 13h45 POSTER PRESENTATIONS Facilitated by Roné Herbst

  • Cedric Wembe, The significance of Participation in Educational Theatre for young audiences
  • Tamara Goldbogen, Weber State University Arts Integration Conference: A Collaborative Model for Arts Integration
  • Theresa Frey, Staging of the ASSITEJ World Congress 2017 in reference to the history of the world congresses of ASSITEJ
  • Selloane Mokuku, Negotiating BODMAS, between English and Mathematics

14h15     Session 4:

Keynote Panel: Contemporary Writing and Expressive Literacy - Introduced by Ms Yvette Hardie, with Dr Beth Juncker, Ms Suzanne LeBeau and Ms Sindiwe Magona (Grand Hall)

15h45          T E A

16h15      Session 5

Group 5A: Theatre For Children By Children – Facilitated by Dr Pamela Udoka, with Dr. Tom Maguire, Prof. Ojo-Rasaki Bakare & Ms Oluwatosin Tume, Ms Shaili Sathyu and Mr. Gerhard Verfaillie (Grand Hall)

 Group 5B: What Do We See on Stage – Facilitated by Prof. Dr. Geesche Wartemann, with Dr. Ha Young Hwang, Mr. Michael Carklin, Ashish Kumar Ghosh, and Ms. Lungile Mncube (Seminar 1)

Group 5C:  Disability and Inclusivity – Facilitated by Dr Tom Maguire, with Dr. Cheela Chilala, Ms. Kaitlin Jaskolski, Ms. Phemelo Hellemann, Ms Rachel Riggs and Prof. Julia Ashworth (Seminar 2)


DAY TWO – 17 May 2017

8h00       Registration for late-arrivers

9h00       Session 6:

Keynote Address: Matthew Reason (UK): Children, Spectatorship and Diversity (Grand Hall)

10h00     Session 7

Group 7A: Early Years theatre – Facilitated by Dr Young Ai Choi, with Ms. Rebecca Drew Ramsey, Dr Sara Matchett & Mr Jason Jacobs, Dr. Lise Hovik, Assistant Prof. Adrienne Kapstein, and Ms. Katherine Morley (Grand Hall)

Group 7B: Socially Conscious Theatre – Facilitated by Tom McGuire, with Ms Aracelia Guerrero, Ms. Megan Reid, Ms. Tamara Schulz, Dr. Norifumi Hida, and Dr. Adam Ledger (Seminar 1)

Group 7C: Creative Case for Diversity and Interculturality – Long table format, facilitated by Mr Erwin Maas, with guests including Ms Liz O'Neill, Ms Vicki Amedume, Mr Mohamed Aghebati,  Mr Ricardo Peach (Seminar 2)

11h30          T E A

11h45      Session 8

Group 8A: National Approaches to Interculturality – Facilitated by Dr Veronica Baxter, with Dr. Monica Prendergast, Dr. Niccole Carner, Dr. Grigorios Ioanndis, and Ms. Sathya Bhama Madathil (Grand Hall)

Group 8B: Intercultural Exchange/Diversity – Facilitated by Dr Manon van de Water with Mr Paulo Merisio, Ms Aglaia Pusch, Mr. Tristan Jacobs, and Mr. Louis Valente (Seminar 1)

Group 8C: Latino/a in the USA – Facilitated by Prof. Roxanne Schroeder-Arce, with Dr. Lorenzo Garcia, Prof. Gillian McNally, Ms Robyn Flatt and Ms Samantha Provesano (Seminar 2)

13h15          L U N C H

14h00     Session 9:

Keynote Panel: International Association of Theatre Critics - Mature Criticism in Children's Theatre with Dr Octavian Saiu, Prof Emmanuel Dandaura and Ms Tracey Saunders (Grand Hall)

15h30          T E A

16h00     Session 10

Group 10A:  Supportive system or repressing conditions – Introduced by Dr Veronica Baxter, with Dipl.-Kult. Katharina Schröck, Dr. Annika Hampel, Dr. Aron Weigl, and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider (Grand Hall)

Group 10B: TYA out of the closet – Introduced by Mr Warren Nebe, Facilitated by Prof. Gillian McNally, with Ms Jessica Robblee, Ms Wendy Bable, Mr Rives Collins, Associate Prof. Roxanne Schroeder-Arce, Ms Deirdre Lavrakas, Ms Samantha Provenzano, Ms Sara Simons, and Ms Jackie Honold (Seminar1)

Group 10C: Indigenous People/Fragility/Healing – Facilitated by Dr                  Cheela Chilala, with Dr. Heather Fitzsimmons Frey, Ms. Penelope Youngleson and Ms Kristina Johnstone (Seminar 2)

17h45               Closure and Thanks

18h15               Group leaves for the Baxter theatre for the Opening Ceremony




Topic: Exiles, Refugees & Migrants
Theme: Aesthetics, ethics and education in theatre/arts for children and youth

  • Professor Dr Geesche Watermann - Un/doing Differences in Theatre with Young Refugees
  • Professor Dr Wolfgang Sting - Migration Talks: Theatre with Children and Youth as Intercultural Exchange
  • Lene Thiesen & Jon Kraaboel - "Hodja from Denmark - Theatre for Children and Youth in Asylum Centres in Denmark" - A 3-year project that will bring performances and creative workshops to children and young people in 50 asylum centres in Denmark



Topic: Intercultural Exchange/Diversity
Theme: Aesthetics, ethics and education in theatre/arts for children and youth

  • Professor Karen Libman - Shakespeare as a Cultural Communicator: The Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival's Bard to Go International Outreach Program for Young Adults, 2005-2013
  • Julius Heinicke - The role of aesthetics for negotiating diversity in theatre in education: Comparing German Southern African strategies
  • Stef De Paepe - How to create a possible method via research to create an intercultural performance based on original biographical and thus documentary material that is inclusive, intercultural and evokes an augmented consciousness regarding citizenship, human rights and social justice abroad and in the country of origin.



Topic: Transformation and Citizenship
Theme: Processes of transformation and citizenship

  • Evelyn Goldfinger - "Theatre Applications - Theatre with Social Justice Purpose"
  • Claire Mason - Talk to Me: Engaging the Young Male Spectator Through Monodrama
  • Merete Elnan - Art mediation for theatre productions that cause resistance?



Topic: Democracy/Citizenship
Theme: Processes of transformation, citizenship and social justice

  • Jenny Koppera - Catch the Dot – Spinning Dot Theatre’s Pecha Kucha
  • Kristin Hunt -  Resistance, Violence, Citizenship: The Politics and Aesthetics of Tragedy in Theatre for Youth
  • Aracelia Guerrero - Drama, Children and Politics. What is the role of young people in Mexican theater?
  • Sandra Grehn - Performativity and the Construction of Children’s Citizenship in Backa Theatre’s Staging of Lille Kung Mattias
  • Stephani Etheridge Woodson -  Taller Cultura, the Democracy Makerspace
  • Mary Mcavoy “Theorizing the Price They Pay: Young Bodies, Illegal Acts, and the Problem of Punishment in This is Modern Art”



Topic: Gender
Theme: Aesthetics, ethics and education in theatre/arts for children and youth

  • Mary Schuttler - Challenging the Notion of Fixed Identity in a University Setting through TYA
  • Eilidh Macaskill - Gendersaurus Rex – a practice-based research project exploring gender, sexuality, queerness, feminism and difference and how these areas intersect with TYA. An introduction to this project from Scotland supported by Imaginate with a provocation to makers and producers to consider their take on the topic.
  • Annie Sansonetti - Devising Amateur Theatre with Transgender Children: The Labours of Gender in Transition and the Creative Ambiances of the Domestic Stage
  • Janos Novak & Eva Vancso - Male and female roles in the performances for young Audiences



Topic: Healing
Theme: Healing/reconciliation/social change/peace through theatre

  • Marco Alfino Miranda - The Praxis of Theatre for Social Change as Hope for the Internally-Displaced and Out-of-School Youth of Zamboanga City: The Case Study of the SUGPAT Alternative School for Peacebuilding and the Arts of Ateneo de Zamboanga University
  • Majid Kimiaeipoor - The Impact and Adoption of Old Folk Games on Organic Systems of Body according to Robert Genie’s Theory
  • Robyn Sassen - Johannesburg magic at street level
  • Ongezwa Mbele -Township theatre-making as a developmental tool for Khayelitsha youth : an applied theatre study from an ethnographic perspective



Topic: For Children By Children
Theme: Aesthetics, ethics and education in theatre/arts for children and youth

  • Tom Maguire - Girl watching: HETPALEIS’s The Hamilton Project
  • Ojo-Rasak Bakare & Oluwatosin Tume - Professional Child Theatre and Child Labour in Nigeria: The Udo-Maryam Tragedy
  • Gerhard Verfaillie - "Children for children", research into aims and methods of putting children/youngsters on stage in TYA performances.
  • Shaili Sathyu - Children's Voice in Theatre for Young - perspectives from India



Topic: What do we see on stage?
Theme: Various

  • Ha Young Hwang - 'Youth, Creating their Seeing': New TYA Play Development Project at the Korea National University of Arts
  • Michael Carklin - Resisting “Authenticity”: Reflections on cultural representations in the making of theatre for children
  • Ashish Kumar Ghosh - Image-making for TYA: Piloting a study in India
  • Lungile Mncube - Evaluating the influence of oral tradition storytelling and social network 'storytelling' on youth



Topic: Disability and Inclusivity
Theme: Aesthetics, ethics and education in theatre/arts for children and youth

  • Cheela Chilala - An Evaluation of the Portrayal of Disabled Children in African Oral Narratives
  • Kaitlin Jaskolski - Aesop’s Idols: Naturalization of Classic Texts with Inclusive Drama for Education and Theatre for Life Skills
  • Phemelo Hellemann - More than just drama: A case study on drama education with learners with learning disability in a special needs school in Grahamstown, South Africa.
  • Rachel Riggs - ‘Using sensory theatre to achieve communication breakthroughs with SEND children’ - sensory play and its importance in finding ways to communicate effectively with Special needs children
  • Julia Ashworth - Engaging the Deaf Community through Theatre for Young Audiences


    GROUP 7A:

    Topic: Early Years theatre
    Theme: Various

    • Rebecca Drew Ramsey - Grown-up Engagement: Examining the Adult Experience in Theatre for the Very Young
    • Sara Matchett & Jason Jacobs - In2Out - an Early Years Theatre Project in the Langberg Region
    • Lise Hovik - Affects of Toddler Theatre - artistic research in interdisciplinary immersive theatre for the very young
    • Adrienne Kapstein - What Comes First: The Art or The Science? The Intersection of Early Years Theater and Cognitive Science and the Impact on the Creative Process
    • Katherine Morley - Unfolding cognition and the infant’s sensorium: analysing sensorial affect on the spectatorial capacities of the infant-parent dyad.


    GROUP 7B:

    Topic: Socially conscious theatre
    Theme: Aesthetics, ethics and education in theatre/arts for children and youth

    • Megan Reid- Keep Out of Reach of Children : Sex Positivity in Theatre for Young Audiences
    • Tamara Schulz - Rehearsing for change or staying with the brokenness? Ethical considerations for participatory playmaking with young audiences in South Africa
    • Norifumi Hida - Theatre for Young Audiences and Art Projects in Japan
    • Adam Ledger - Where’s My Igloo Gone?: climate change and the making of participatory performance.


    GROUP 7C:

    Topic: Creative case for diversity and interculturality
    Theme: Intercultural exchange

    Creative Case for Diversity & Intercultural Exchange - discussing diversity in all its forms and intercultural exchange in theater for young audiences

    • Erwin Maas
    • Liz O'Neill
    • Ms Vicki Amedume
    • Mohamed Aghebati
    • Ricardo Peach


    GROUP 8A:

    Topic: National Approaches to Interculturality
    Theme: Various

    • Monica Prendergast - Mirror of Our Lives: Canadian Professional Theatre for Young Audiences: A Critical Survey, 1980 to the Present
    • Niccole Carner - Ceilidh, Panto and Puppets: Complex Visions of National Identity in the National Theatre of Scotland's Theatre for Young Audiences
    • Grigorios Ioanndis - "New young theatre for a new generation" Young Theatre in Greece at the beginnings of the new century
    • Sathya Bhama Madathil - A brief analysis on children’s theatre in India


    GROUP 8B:

    Topic: Intercultural exchange/Diversity
    Theme: Various

    • Paulo Merisio - Zapato seeks sapato: journeys into and out of stage
    • Aglaia Pusch - Intercultural exchange between Cia. Paidéia de Teatro (Brazil) and GRIPS Theater (Germany)
    • Tristan Jacobs - Cultural digestion is buffering : investigating experimental performance forms for young people in the intercultural collaboration of FLAT(form)
    • Louis Valente -  "Culture" - A creator of distance or a vehicle for productive relations in intercultural exchange?


    GROUP 8C:

    Topic: Latino/A TYA in the USA
    Theme: Processes of transformation, citizenship and social justice

    • Roxanne Schroeder-Arce - Latino/a TYA in the USA with
      • Lorenzo Garcia
      • Gillian McNally
      • Robyn Flatt
      • Sam Provesano


    GROUP 10A:

    Topic: Supportive system or repressing conditions?

    • Katharina Schröck - Supportive system or repressing conditions? – A critical questioning of concepts and structures for intercultural TYA, with 
      • Annika Hampel
      • Aron Weigl
      • Wolfgang Schneider


    GROUP 10B:

    Topic: TYA out of the closet
    Theme: Healing/reconciliation/social change/peace through theatre

    • Gillian McNally - TYA Out of the Closet:  Courageous Producers of LGBTQ Themed TYA in the USA, with 
      • Jessica Robblee
      • Wendy Bable
      • Rives Collins
      • Roxanne Schroeder-Arce
      • Deirdre Lavrakas
      • Samantha Provenzano
      • Sara Simons
      • Jackie Honold


    GROUP 10C:

    Topic: Indigenous People/Fragility/Healing
    Theme: Healing/reconciliation/social change/peace through theatre

    • Heather Fitzsimmons Frey - Difficult Knowledge and a Sustainable Future: Making Treaty 7 and Young Audiences
    • Penelope Youngleson -  "FIERCE FRAGILITY: How to build antifragile ecosystems of learning, which nurture vulnerability, in fragile environments."
    • Kristina Johnstone - Dimensions of difference: An intercultural dance teaching programme in Kampala, Uganda