Call for entries: "Stories from the Cradle of Creativity"

"Stories from the Cradle of Creativity" - a collective epic poem to be created by participants in the ASSITEJ Congress and Cradle of Creativity Festival in Cape Town

Come and be part of an exciting adventure in writing and storytelling – a communally-created “epic poem”. Everyone participating in CRADLE OF CREATIVITY in Cape Town – artists, technicians, administrators, educators, students, volunteers, and staff -- is invited to be one of the authors. 

While we call this a poem, you don’t have to be a poet or playwright to participate. You just have to be someone who has a story to tell, a story you can tell in no more than 200 characters (one-third longer than a post on Twitter). 

Though English is the official language of ASSITEJ, your writing can be in your first language. As far as what to write, we just want, as in the title, a story from the cradle of creativity, which can be fiction, non-fiction, mythic, futuristic.  Since you have only 200 characters (about the length of four haiku), you have to narrow your focus, and some of the below prompt may help

Where is our ‘cradle of creativity?  Is it a location or an inner place? How would you picture it? Is it in the past, the present, or the future? Is it tangible or ethereal?  Is it linked to other people? How do you nurture this cradle, help it grow?  How does it connect to this festival, Cape Town, or Africa? 

The simplest way to submit your story is to put it in the body of an email, which you can easily write on your smart phone, tablet, or computer.  Remember that punctuation and spaces count as characters as you work within a 200-character limit.

Once completed, please add your name, city, and country, and email to  Then WLPG co-editor and poet Kim Peter Kovac will assemble everyone’s submission into what we know will be a wonderful, sprawling, and creative piece of writing that will be posted on line at