27 May: Focus Day Theatre for the Early Years (audiences of 0-6 years old)


The Small Size Network invites you to join an ongoing conversation about the value, methods and approaches of theatre for the early years (0-6 years), as well as to enjoy workshops with experienced practitioners from around the globe.

Plenary/Welcome - Presentations by Pilar López (Spain) and Pecha Kucha by Karel Van Ransbeeck (Belgium) and Henrik Bäckbro, Lisa Kjellgren (Sweden)


Practice-as-Research in Theatre for the Very Young - Retrospective Devising Workshop led by Samantha Provenzano and Ally Tufenkijan (Paper Boat Project, USA) 


Baby and contemporary dance. Feedback of creativity between adults and children - Paper by Alicja Morawska-Rubczak and Paweł Gałkowski (Poland), Presented by Paweł Gałkowski


Small size, a network in ASSITEJ - Panel Discussion by Roberto Frabetti (Italy), Barbara Kölling (Germany), Cliodhna Noonan (Ireland) and Gaêtane Reginster (Belgium)


The relational aesthetics of toddler theatre - Symposium led by Dr Lise Hovik (Norway) and Mr. Eivind Haugland (Norway)


Art is not a matter of age but of curiosity. (Those participating must see Caban ZA earlier) - Workshop led by Nicolas Ankoudinoff (Belgium) and Karel Van Ransbeeck (Belgium)

09h00 - 10h00

Baxter Concert Hall


10h00 - 11h30

Baxter Downstairs Rehearsal Room


11h30 - 12h30

Baxter Concert Hall



14h00 - 16h15

Baxter Concert Hall



16h30 - 18h30

Baxter Masambe Theatre


16h30 - 18h30 

Baxter Downstairs Rehearsal Room


Focus Day Productions

10h00  - 40min - Sparrow - Baxter Theatre Centre Baxter Flipside

10h00 -  50min - Sandscape - Baxter Theatre Centre Baxter Golden Arrow Studio
& 12h30  

10h00 - 40min - Fingers And Toes My Body Knows - Baxter Theatre Centre Baxter       & 12h30                Upstairs Rehearsal Room

10h00 -  45min - Caban ZA - Baxter Theatre Centre Baxter Foyer
& 12h00  

16h30 - 35min - Ekhaya - Baxter Theatre Centre Baxter Upstairs Rehearsal Room


Other productions to see if you’re interested in Theatre for the Early Years

  • Anziehsachen
  • Sensescapes
  • Soro et le Grain de Maïs Magique
  • Early Years Fringe at Magnet Theatre