17-27 May: Intercultural Exchange Events

Thursday 18 May


Artscape Rehearsal Room 207


Thursday 18 May


District Six Homecoming Centre








Friday 19 May                 

9h30 –11h00                       Baxter Theatre - Upstairs Rehearsal Room



Sunday 21 May               

14h00 –17h00                    District Six Homecoming Centre


17h30 –19h00                    District Six Homecoming Centre



Monday 22 May


Masque Theatre 



Masque Theatre 








Baxter Upstairs Rehearsal Room




                18h00-19h30                       Artscape Theatre Foyer Well



Tuesday 23 May


Masque Theatre

Appreciative Dialogue - a workshop in which we focus on the meeting between the audience and the artist. We share the artistic experiences and create space for open and curious questions based on a positive and open approach. - Peter Manscher & Henrik Køhler


Screening: Jump First and Ask Later (Australia)

Jump First, Ask Later is an urban choreographic portrait of the streets of Fairfield, the most culturally diverse region in Australia. DMC are a group who are dedicated to the philosophies and movement practices of parkour. This work tells the collective stories of six young members of DMC, aged between 18-24 years, who live in Fairfield and who all share proud Asian and Middle Eastern cultural heritages. This new dance work ultimately highlights their deep connection to each other, to their individual cultural backgrounds and to their city of Fairfield.

Discussion with Artistic Director, Karen Therese, will follow.


Korean National University of the Arts –  Korean Story Theatre: Story Silkroad. Come enjoy this vibrant exploration of Korean culture through folk tales from Asia performed in English – there will be a discussion with Young Ai Choi after the performance.



Meeting of the International Associations: AITA/IATA, ASSITEJ, IDEA, ITI, UNIMA

Followed by:


International Publications Launch – the ASSITEJ Annual Magazine, the IATC Critical Stages online journal, the UNIMA Puppetry Magazine and the German publication of the Theatre in Transformation conference, will all be showcased.


Intercultural exploration: Conversation about artistic, aesthetic and socio-political differences and similarities - With Jori Snell (Denmark), Eliot Moleba (SA) and other  


Theatre Festivals for Young Audiences: around the globe and back again - Discussion with Producers, Directors, Independent Artists and Companies - including:

- Steve Ball - How can festivals support the professional development of artists, increase cultural diversity, raise the profile of theatre for young audiences and act as a catalyst for change? (UK)

- Joshua Alabi - Kininso Festival for Children (Nigeria) 


Zapato busca Sapato - an intercultural collaboration - Project presentation and film screening by La Maquina De Teatro about their intercultural production to be seen on the main programme (Mexico, Brazil, Moçambique)


Coming Full Circle - Spinning Dot Theatre’s Documentary Screening - Created by both our Youth Documentarian, Elijah Hatcher-Kay, and our Digital Multimedia Specialist, Tae Hoon Yoo, the documentary highlights the spark and creation of Spinning Dot Theatre based in Ann Arbor, MI, USA.  Artistic Director, Jenny Koppera will discuss their focus on bringing international plays to American Midwestern audiences. 


Questions of Quality in Theatre for Young Audiences - Panel discussion with Mary Rose Lloyd (USA), Henrik Køhler (Denmark), Etoundi Zeyang (Cameroon), Erwin Maas (USA/Netherlands) Hisashi Shimoyama (Japan) and Janni Younge (SA)