A number of workshops are being offered to children and teenagers, outside of the Focus Day programme. Dates and times are determined by school bookings.


These include:

  • Nonverbal communication with Mr. Mohamed Elhagrasy (Egypt).
    The workshop explores the abilities of expressing feeling through the apparent behaviors/ body language such as facial expressions, eyes, touching, and tone of voice, where thoughts, intentions, or feelings are expressed by physical behaviours.
  • Familiarity Workshop with rituals and myth.
    Mutual cultural dialogue using puppetry with youth and children by Poupak Azimpour Tabrizi (8-10 years old)
  • Make a wish! Dream big! Drama workshop by Ms Debora Danti (8-10 years old)
  • The wild workshop:
    A workshop to generate awareness and reflection on the subject of our collective relationships with animals and the environment. A way to get close and identify to those who are different, no matter if they are members of other species or from our own human race. A five day workshop for 10-12 years old by Mrs. Jacqueline Serafín and Mr. Iker Vicente (La Liga Teatro, Mexico) with the assistance of local puppeteers and musicians, leading to a performance at the City Walk on Saturday 20 May 2017
  •  What is it that we see but actually don't see or can't see; different ways of seeing what we see. Working on perspectives by Mrs Samta Shikhar (7-10 years old)
  • BE WILDER MAN +. An educational and artistic project that makes us think about all things strange. Workshop by Ms Lotte Vaes and Ms Karolien De Bleser of Compagnie Barbarie (5-7 years old)