21 May: Focus Day Theatre by Children for Children - Vrygrond Cultural Hub

The place of the Child Performer in Theatre By Children For Children




Plenary/Welcome - Led by Drama for Life 




Tips and tricks for engagement of teens in theatre - Workshop led by Cristina Cazzola (Italy)


-TEENTALITARIANISM-Building a Teenage State within a European Festival
 - #Connected SA-UK: an experimental approach to theatremaking in a digital age    
Discussion of projects led by Cathrin Rose (Germany), Emma Rose and Daniel Ilunga; and Kyla Davis (SA)          


- Theatre by Children: Issues, prospects, challenges and dearth of child actors  
-Meeting Of Theatre Made By Children.
- A Play by children in a local bus of the city in south of India.  
Papers by Jerry Adesewo (Nigeria), Anelvi Rivera (Mexico) & Samta Shikhar (India)


Chipawo's three decades of arts education work in Zimbabwe - Workshop led by Chipo Precious Basopo(Zimbabwe)



Closing - Led by Drama for Life



09h00 - 09h30

Vrygrond Fit For Life Training Room


09h30 - 13h00

Vrygrond Sozo Double-volume Classroom


11h30 - 13h00

Vrygrond Fit For Life Training Room



15h15 - 16h45

Vrygrond Sozo Double-volume Classroom




15h30 - 16h30

Vrygrond Fit For Life Training Room


18h00 - 18h30

Vrygrond Fit For Life Training Room

18h30 Bus departs


Focus Day Productions

9h30-18h00 - Vrygrond Live– a celebration of local performance - Vrygrond                                         Communiversity Garden

14h00 -  65min - Obisike: It Takes A Lion's Heart - Vrygrond Capricorn Primary School                              Hall

17h00 -  60min - My Culture, My Strength, My Identity - Vrygrond Capricorn Primary                                School Hall


Other productions to see if you’re interested in Theatre by Children for Children

  • Tupo Kama Nipo
  • Our House
  • Maloza - Man Cub
  • Spirit Songs
  • young@home