24 May: Focus Day Dance Theatre for Young Audiences


We explore the multiple languages of dance and physicality, and their potential to cross the narrow linguistic borders that can separate us. We see dance as both a permanent form of cultural expression which embodies particular traditions, histories and contexts, and as a contemporary tool with which people are able to connect with one another from whatever position they may occupy in the world. The day will include conversations about building a global network of Dance TYA practitioners.

Empathy as an artistic tool in dance and theatre with or for young people - Theoretical and practical workshop with Amelie Mallman (Germany)


Dance and performing arts for young audiences: the Kliker Platform (Croatia)



Forming a Dance for Young Audiences Network - Led by Gabi dan Droste



9h00 - 13h00

Artscape Rehearsal Room 308



Artscape Isibaya



Artscape Isibaya



Focus Day Productions:

10h00 - 40 min - Fingers And Toes, My Body Knows - Artscape Theatre Centre                                          Artscape Rehearsal Room 207


10h00 - 50 min - Whiteout - Artscape Theatre Centre Artscape Theatre
& 16h00

10h00 - 40 min - Sensescapes - City Hall Theatre Centre City Hall Theatre 2
& 11h30
& 14h00



Other Workshops with Focus Dance:

3 Day Workshop:

19 May:

20 May:

21 May:



1 Day Workshop

25 May:
Artscape Rehearsal Room 207


25 May: 

11h00 -13h00

Artscape Rehearsal Room



Baby Dance Workshop:
Choreographic practices for babies
Towards interrelational ecology and immersion.
Led by Dalija Acin Thelander (Sweden) of Sensescapes

Venue: Artscape Rehearsal Room 207


Vrum Dance Workshop: No Work and Just Play
Sanja Frühwald and TIll Frühwald





African Dance Workshop:  Explore African rhythms with ACT ImpACT Award winner, Letlhogonolo Nche



Other productions to see if you’re interested in Dance for Young Audiences:

  • My Culture, My Strength, My Identity
  • No Fun Ctional Language
  • Rite of Spring
  • Us/Them
  • Zick Zack Puff