26 May: Focus Day Inclusive International Arts - for, by and with people of all abilities


IIAN believes that: Theatre and the Arts are for everyone. Everyone has the same and equal access. Everyone’s story can be told. The barriers that prevent people taking part can be removed. We respect, celebrate and work with ‘difference’ and aim to create a common language around disability and difference. This day is designed to move us towards finding this common language in an intercultural context.

Plenary/Welcome - Welcome by IIAN




Theatre of Senses - close your eyes in order to see - Workshop with Karolina Zernyte (Lithuania)



Presentations, models of good practise and debate: How do we engage young people with disabilities and why? - Theresa Frey (Germany), Larissa Probst (Germany), Kaitlin Jaskolski (SA), Zelda Mycroft (SA) & Danieyella Rodin (SA)



Is it only about Disability? - Discussion with Heidi Vaughan from Kazzum (UK)



Write Local. Play Global Playwriting Slam - Curated by Tallerie McRae & Kim Peter Kovak (USA)



09h00 - 09h45



10h00 -12h00



14h00 - 16h00

ARTSCAPE Rehearsal Room 207



16h30 - 18h00

ARTSCAPE Rehearsal Room 207


18h30 - 19h15

Artscape Theatre Foyer Well



Focus Day Productions:

10h00 - 45 min - What Goes Up! - Artscape Rehearsal Room 207
& 12h00

19h30 - 55 min - No Fun Ction AlL anguage - Artscape Theatre Centre Artscape                                      Theatre